About Easy5s

Created by Paul Everitt - Director of Lean Manufacturing UK (a consulting & coaching business of over 16 years), Easy 5s has been designed with other businesses in mind and their need for customisable organisation solutions! With two main products - Shadow Board Foam & Connect-A-Tube, Easy5s has gone from strength to strength in its first 18 months of trading.


Lean Manufacturing UK


I lead people through the theory using a hands-on approach and then, together, we implement changes that deliver measurable results.  This engages and enthuses people like no other program of change, giving you a competitive advantage.

If you want total control of the waste within your business, embrace Lean Manufacturing methods.

I am an independent Lean consultant trained by Toyota in Japan and the UK. I have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing. 


Specialising in Lean Manufacturing/business improvement through Value Stream Mapping & continuous improvement, I have a proven record of devising and implementing innovative solutions to challenging requirements resulting in significant cost savings and established continuous improvement culture.” Paul Everitt, Director.